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    Fact Sheet: Solar Energy Use in Oregon

    Situated in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon is celebrated for its unique natural resources. Green and dense forests, pristine coastline, abundant wildlife, and clear rivers and lakes form a wild beauty found in few other places. Cities such as Portland, Bend, and Pendleton further contribute to the state's dynamic reputation. With such a gorgeous landscape to protect, Oregon has fully invested itself in solar energy. Today the state is teeming with excellent solar incentives for interested homeowners.
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    PD-xrmap, source: WikipediaOregon is known for its commitment to the environment and other important causes. The state has one of the best Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) in the country: 15% by 2015, 20% by 2020, and 25% by 2025. Every utility in the state is required to source at least 25% of its power from renewable energy by 2025, and Oregon has streamlined its solar incentives in order to achieve this goal. In this article you will find more information about Oregon's exciting solar industry to help you decide if a solar energy system is right for you.

    Grid Connected Solar Power Systems In Oregon (2012)

    • Residential Solar Power Systems: 5.8 Megawatt
    • Non-Residential Solar Power Systems: 4.9 Megawatt
    • Utility: 10.0 Megawatt
    • Total: 20.6 Megawatt
    • Cumulative: 56.4 Megawatt

    The 77 MW of solar power currently installed in Oregon ranks the state 18th in the country in installed solar capacity. This is enough installed solar energy to power 9,100 homes.

    Cost of Electricity in Oregon

    • Electricity Price: $0.12 per kWh
    • Average Electricity Bill: $99
    • Average Bill after Solar: $36

    Switching to solar power in Oregon can cut monthly electricity bills by nearly a third. Leased solar energy systems in the state have low average payments of just $28 each month, saving homeowners around $35. It takes approximately 9.6 years for solar energy systems to pay for themselves.

    Solar Radiation

    Average solar radiation in Oregon is between 2 and 3 Kilowatt per day along the Pacific Coast and between 3 and 4 Kilowatt per day throughout the rest of the state. These amounts represent an area of 1 square meter (10.76 square foot). Portland experiences an average of 142 days of sunshine each year. The eastern half of the state receives even more sunny days: Pendleton enjoys around 192 days of sunshine annually. Despite its rainy reputation, Oregon has plenty of sunshine for solar power.

    State Solar Incentives and Rebate Programs

    • State Solar Tax Credit: $2.10/W-DC at STC
    • State Solar Rebate: Max: $5000
    • Property Tax Exemption: 100% exempt
    • Sales Tax Exemption: No state sales tax

    Oregon has some of the best solar incentives in the nation. The state has established strong programs and regulations in nearly all areas, making it extremely easy for homeowners to invest in solar energy. The combination of tax credits, rebates, and property tax exemption, as well as the state's lack of sales tax, creates huge savings. Oregon also offers an exceptional net metering law, offered by all utility companies in the state. In addition to these solar incentives, the Federal Tax Credit also applies.

    Solar Installers in Oregon

    Oregon requires solar installers setting up solar energy equipment to have trade licenses. The state requires the companies that perform construction to have contractor's licenses. To research the license of your solar installer, check out Oregon's state website.

    Summary: Very Good Conditions for Solar Power Systems

    Oregon maintains high and consistent levels of excellence for solar power. The state has thoroughly committed itself to residential solar energy through fantastic incentives, making it as easy as possible for homeowners to get involved in this industry. To calculate your costs and savings please use our Solar Calculator or contact solar installers in your area.

    Fact Sheet Solar Energy Use in OregonSolar Energy Fact Sheet: Oregon, ©

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    Written by: Oliver Wulf, Editor