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    Fact Sheet: Solar Energy Use In Illinois

    Known by many as the "Prairie State", Illinois is a Midwestern state best known for its snowy winters and diverse culture. While Illinois is home of the "Windy City", the growth of solar energy is making the state look quite sunny.
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    As the fifth largest state in the nation, Illinois inevitably houses a good amount of solar users. While it may not have the amount of solar units installed as more populated states such as Florida or Pennsylvania, Illinois is growing in the field of solar power. The state's Renewable Portfolio System (RPS) requires that 25% of energy produced must be from a renewable source by the year 2025 - showing room to expand for the future of Illinois solar energy.

    Grid Connected Solar Systems In Illinois (2012)

    • Systems: 1.0 Megawatt
    • Non-Residential Solar Power Systems: 2.7 Megawatt
    • Utility: 23.1 Megawatt
    • Total: 26.7 Megawatt
    • Cumulative: 42.9 Megawatt

    When it comes to solar energy production, Illinois is a growing state. Illinois greatly outperforms neighboring states, such as Indiana and Kentucky, due in part its large population. Illinois is a good area to utilize the production of solar power, reflected by its above-average Cumulative Installed Capacity.

    Cost of Electricity in Illinois

    • Electricity Price: $0.11 per kwh
    • Average Electricity Bill: $123.00
    • Average Bill after Solar: $87.00

    A solar installation in Illinois is very beneficial in cutting down energy costs. For 5 Kilowatts, an average Illinois household will take 7.5 years for solar power to have fully paid for itself. Additionally, knocking 30% off of your average electrical bill is a great bonus.

    Solar Radiation

    The average solar radiation in Illinois is between 2 and 4 Kilowatts per day over an area of 1 square meter (10.76 square foot). This is the same amount shared by neighboring states Iowa and Minnesota, and represents average radiation. While some areas may get more sunlight than others, the state as a whole receives a decent amount of solar radiation.

    State Solar Incentives and Rebate Programs

    • State Solar Tax Credit: None
    • State Solar Rebate: $1.50/W Or 25% of project costs ($10,000 maximum)
    • Property Tax Exemption: N/A
    • Sales Tax Exemption: None

    While the state does not offer a Solar Tax Credit, Illinois makes up for this with above-average State Solar Rebates. At $1.50 per Watt, Illinois rivals larger markets, such as New Mexico and Hawaii. Alternatively, you have the option to receive 25% back on financed project costs. However, these incentives will not be available to those who lease their solar systems. In addition, the Federal Tax Credit also applies.

    Solar Installers in Illinois

    Illinois benefits from a Green Permit, meaning that accepted projects will receive a permit within thirty business days. In many cases, these permits will be received in as few as fifteen business days. Additionally, projects meeting the correct guidelines receive a partial waiver of up to $25,000. In order to see if your project meets these guidelines, visit the Database of State Incentives For Renewables & Efficiency.

    Summary: Overall, A Good State For Solar

    On average, those who switch to solar power in Illinois save $36 per month. On top of this, it generally only takes around 7.5 years for the solar power system to have fully paid for itself for itself. Now is a good time to take advantage of the great rebate options offered.

    In order to calculate your total costs and savings, try our Solar Calculator. Ready to get started? Go ahead and click here to get in contact with solar installers close to you.

    Solar Energy Fact Sheet: Illinois, ©

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    Written by: Oliver Wulf, Editor