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    Fact Sheet: Solar Energy Use in Arkansas

    From the peaks of the Ozarks in the north to the broad banks of the Mississippi in the east, Arkansas' raw beauty earns it the fitting nickname of “The Natural State.” As an Arkansas homeowner, you can protect the state's lush landscape and save on monthly energy bills when you install a solar energy system.
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    As of 2012, Arkansas had yet to heavily incentivize residential solar power. Despite this, Arkansas is bathed in plentiful sunshine, receiving more than 5,000 watts per square meter. Additionally, because of the state's solid net metering policies, Arkansas is a strong state for solar energy systems. In this article, you will find all the information needed to help you decide if a solar energy system is right for you.

    Grid Connected Solar Power Systems In Arkansas (2012)

    • Residential Solar Power Systems: 0.5 Megawatt
    • Non-Residential Solar Power Systems: NA
    • Utility: NA
    • Total: 0.6 Megawatt
    • Cumulative: 1.5 Megawatt

    Arkansas currently has very few solar energy systems. However, the state could benefit greatly from capitalizing on its open spaces and abundant sunshine.

    Cost of Electricity in Arkansas

    • Electricity Price: $0.10 per kWh
    • Average Electricity Bill: $89.00
    • Average Bill after Solar: $33.00

    As you can see, a solar installation in Arkansas can cut monthly bills in half. The average cost of leasing a solar energy system in Arkansas is $45, and monthly savings amount to $59. At these rates, it takes about 18 years for 5kW of solar energy to pay for itself.

    Solar Radiation

    The average solar radiation in Arkansas is between 4 and 6 Kilowatt per day over an area of 1 square meter (10.76 square feet), representing a very high amount of solar radiation. Arkansas also enjoys 219 days of sunshine each year.

    State Solar Incentives and Rebate Programs

    • State Solar Tax Credit: None
    • State Solar Rebate: None
    • Property Tax Exemption: None
    • Sales Tax Exemption: None

    While Arkansas still needs to develop statewide incentives, some counties and cities in Arkansas offer their own solar incentives. All of Arkansas utility providers also offer net metering to customers. The monthly surplus of solar energy can be applied as a credit to the next month’s bill. Any remaining energy at the end of a 12-month billing period is returned to the utility company. Additionally, the Federal Tax Credit also applies in this state.

    Solar Installers in Arkansas

    Solar installers in Arkansas should be licensed as electrical contractors. To find out if your solar installer is licensed in Arkansas, call (501) 372-4661, or verify the license of your solar installer on the state’s website.

    Summary: Good Conditions for Solar Power Systems

    While Arkansas needs to establish more solar incentives, solar energy systems in this state still provide plenty of opportunities to save. Arkansas' state net metering policies and its abundant sunshine alone translate to significant benefits. To calculate your own costs and savings, please use our Solar Calculator, or contact solar installers in your area.

    Solar Energy Fact Sheet: Arkansas, ©

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    Written by: Oliver Wulf, Editor