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    Roof Mounting of Solar Panels

    The job of a solar panel is to collect light energy from the sun and turn it into clean electricity that power lights, the stereo, and even your refrigerator. Roof mounting is a common form of positioning rigid solar panels. By mounting on the roof, you put the photovoltaic cells in a location that gives them a full dose of sunshine during the day. To understand why roof mounting might be your best option when considering solar energy for your home, you need to know more about how photovoltaic systems work.
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    How Do Roof Mounted Solar Panels Work?

    The key component in a solar panel is the cell, a thin module that contains silicon or another collection material. The cells connect together on a panel using superconductive wires. The only way that a  photovoltaic solar panel can produce electricity is by collecting energy from the sun. This process of transforming light energy to electricity is the photovoltaic effect.

    Roof Mounting
    What is the Benefit of Roof Mounting?

    The obvious benefit is exposure. Roof mounting of a solar panel exposes it to a greater concentration of sunlight. The more exposure the cells get, the more energy each solar panel produces. While you want to place a solar panel in a locale that allows it to get plenty of natural light, that is not the only benefit of roof mounting.

    The alternative to roof mounting is placing a solar panel in a configuration somewhere on your property. What looks sleek and savvy with roof mounting can quickly become an eyesore if placement is where people see the solar panels. When a solar panel is placed at ground level it gets in the way. Roof mounting puts the panels in a place where you are not likely to be walking around.

    Solar panels are not cheap. Putting a solar panel down on the ground exposes it to things that may damage your system such as falling tree limbs or flying footballs. Roof mounting moves a solar panel up and out of the way.

    Deciding solar power is the right option for your home is the first step. From there, a contractor can help access your property and determine the optimal location for a solar panel. In all likelihood, roof mounting will be the first consideration. It is a better option the placing a solar panel in harms way. Mounting a solar panel gives it the most sun while keeping it out of sight.

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    Written by: Christian Märtel, Editor