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Reasons That Homeowners Should Buy Solar Panels


If you have ever felt the pain from rising energy prices and wondered whether there was a way of shielding your finances from price rises, Solar Contact have the ideal solution.

Installing solar panels to your home is a cost effective route to lower energy bills and independence from the grid. With the latest models of panel installed, homeowners concerned about the impact of bills on their pocketbook, can also help to drive down carbon emissions at the same time.

The wonder is that more people haven’t embraced the benefits of solar panels for their homes.

Achieve energy independence when you buy solar panels

The sun isn’t about to stop shining. In fact, it is an inexhaustible source of energy that you can rely on year in, year out. In a world of finite fossil fuels, solar panels will be the future, but the prices currently available show that it can be a cost effective option in the present as well.

For some people, solar panels are also an attractive way to achieve energy independence. If the lights go out elsewhere, homes with panels installed can keep their appliances and lighting going. This could be particularly useful if you live in an area where the grid is unreliable, or natural disasters pose a risk to electricity supplies. For others, it just provides extra insurance and peace of mind.

Solar panels are also one of the most popular ways to cut the greenhouse gas emissions that are driving dangerous climate change. In 2013 alone, the amount of solar photovoltaic capacity in the USA increased by 30 percent, while the cost of solar panels dropped by 80 percent between 2007 and 2012. So it’s a technology that is becoming mainstream, and one that anyone can invest in.

The financial benefits of buying solar panels

Nowadays, you can source your panels from reputable suppliers like Solar Contact who can suggest the right package and can also arrange for expert installers from your community to mount your panels. There are also government incentives to persuade homeowners to adopt solar technology. For example, Uncle Sam can give your home a solar refit (or fund part of it) via the Federal Solar Tax Credit. This can fund up to 30 percent of your costs, and is a really good way for lower income Americans to enter the world of solar electricity generation.

By installing solar panels, you can seriously cut your electricity bills, but there are other financial benefits to consider. A recent study found that home buyers in California are willing to pay a substantial premium for properties that have rooftop solar panels. If you green your home, you can help to reduce carbon emissions and make a hefty profit, so what is holding you back from buying a solar package that is tailored to your own home?

The truth is that anyone can buy solar panels and be part of the solar photovoltaic revolution. The professionals that work with Solar Contact make installation simple and cheap, and the benefits could be huge.

AD Junior

AD Junior

The author is passionate about technology and interested on everything related to solar energy, he studied at the UC Irvine and the SAE Institute in Germany.
AD Junior
Reasons That Homeowners Should Buy Solar Panels
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