Author: Ansley Clark

Solar panels

A User-Friendly Guide to Solar for the Home

Until quite recently, most people thought of solar panels as expensive and impractical. However, thanks to several significant tax breaks and advances in solar technology, solar power is no longer the sole possession of the elite. More and more people are opting for the clean, environmentally-friendly energy offered by solar panels for the home. If Read the full article…

Hopeful plans for the future will bring solar energy to low income housing. | @ fotolia / Prod.

Solar Energy Plan for Low Income Homes

The White House has recently announced its intentions to make renewable solar energy a more viable option for owners or renters of low income housing. Part of a larger initiative to strengthen the state of renewable energy, this goal involves increasing the use of solar energy in federally subsidized homes by three times the amount Read the full article…

Tesla Car | Public Domain / Fadi.Almahaieri / flickr

Tesla Offers Home Batteries for Solar Panels

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motor Company, has announced that the same battery technology behind the Tesla car will now be available for homeowners who want to extend the power of their electric solar panels. The goal of these new batteries is to more evenly distribute home energy use between peak solar energy production Read the full article…

Solar Panels on Gass Peak |  CC BY-SA 3.0 Ballonboy101 / Wikimedia Commons

Capacity for Renewable Energy Now Greater than for Fossil Fuels

If you’ve spent any time reading about sustainable energy, you have probably heard the term “parity,” which refers to the point when renewables become cheaper than fossil fuels. Many experts say that sources like wind and solar will not be economically viable until a kilowatt of sustainable energy costs the same to produce as a kilowatt of conventionally produced power.