Solar Power

Solar Power - Renewable Energy Resource

The demand for renewable energy sources is growing, not only in the USA but in the whole world. In the area of power production people are looking for alternative possibilities. In this regard photovoltaic and solar thermal systems, which convert solar energy into power, are receiving growing attention.

The term 'solar power' usually refers to the conversion of sunlight (insolation) into electricity. Especially areas with high insolation rates have great potential for the production of solarpower. With modern solar technology like photovoltaics and various solar concentrating thermal technologies we can make use of the sunlight as free energy resource and generate clean and renewable energy.

Solar Power Installations

Solar power installations are suited for many different locations and are available in many different sizes. Homeowners usually install residential solar systems on their roofs for on-site-use. Business owners mount commercial solar systems to cover their own energy needs or to sell the produced solar power.

Solar Power SystemSource: Sandia Corporation

Affordable Solar Power

The American solar market is a growing sector. People get aware of the negative, climate-changing effects of fossil fuels and realize the positive aspects of solar energy. As to the pros and cons of solar energy, there are obviously more advantages than disadvantages. The American government and local authorities try to support that turn of interest with rebates and incentives that make solarpower affordable.

Solar energy facts prove that solar power is one of the most important alternative energy forms of the future. Solar Power is a practical, efficient and environment-friendly alternative to traditional energy sources and will gain more and more importance over the coming years.