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Fact Sheet: Solar Energy Use In Massachusetts

Known to many as "The Bay State", Massachusetts is renowned for its interesting history. The state is home to the nation's first college, Harvard University. Massachusetts is also known for its tourist destinations, such as Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard. While the state has a notable past, there is a definite future for solar energy in Massachusetts.
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assachusetts is an excellent state for solar power production. The state is among the top ten best states for solar energy despite the fact that it receives less sunlight than most areas. Massachusetts benefits from great incentives and rebates, making the switch to solar energy easy. Additionally, Massachusetts' Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requires that, by the year 2030, 25% of all generated power must come from a renewable source. This makes the future of Massachusetts solar power even brighter. This article will help you decide if the switch to solar energy is right for you.

Grid Connected Solar Power Systems In Massachusetts (2012)

  • Systems: 14.6 Megawatt
  • Non-Residential Solar Power Systems: 104.1 Megawatt
  • Utility: 4.5 Megawatt
  • Total: 123.2 Megawatt
  • Cumulative: 207.3 Megawatt

Massachusetts stands out when it comes to overall solar energy production. The state's cumulative installed capacity is much higher than neighboring states Connecticut and Vermont, surpassing even surpasses the large solar power industry in New York. With this sizable output, it's no wonder Massachusetts ranks among the top 10 states for solar energy.

Cost of Electricity in Massachusetts

  • Electricity Price: $0.15 per kwh
  • Average Electricity Bill: $140.00
  • Average Bill after Solar: $43.00

Massachusetts has the highest electricity prices in the nation, making solar energy that much more important. Because of these high prices, switching to solar power will cut your energy bill by two-thirds. Additionally, an average solar power system will take around 5.4 years to amortize.

Solar Radiation

The average solar radiation in Massachusetts is between 2 and 3 Kilowatts per day over an area of 1 square meter (10.76 square foot). This same average is shared by fellow northeastern states such as Maine and Pennsylvania, and this amount represents lower solar radiation.

State Solar Incentives and Rebate Programs

  • State Solar Tax Credit: 15% Maximum Incentive: $1,000
  • State Solar Rebate: $4,250 maximum
  • Property Tax Exemption: 100% for 20 years
  • Sales Tax Exemption: 100%

Massachusetts benefits from fantastic solar incentives. The state's solar rebate offers $400 per kilowatt, regardless of income, with a maximum rebate of $4,250. With complete property and sales tax exemptions, as well as excellent solar rebates, it's no wonder the state is among the nation's best when it comes to solar power. In addition, the Federal Tax Credit also applies.

Solar Installers in Massachusetts

As of 2014, there are over 290 solar companies located in Massachusetts. A building permit is required for the installation of solar energy systems. Research the license of your solar installer here or call (617)-315-9355.

Summary: Great Conditions For Solar Power Systems

Massachusetts has clearly earned its place among the nation's top solar states. Despite having below average solar radiation, the state has spectacular solar incentives and rebate programs. Additionally, the RPS requirements ensure that renewable energy will continue to grow in Massachusetts for years to come. With an average savings of $58 every month, now is a great time to make the switch to solar power.

Try our Solar Calculator to calculate your costs and savings. Ready to get started? Click here to contact solar installers in your area.

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Written by: Markus Krichel, Editor