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Fact Sheet: Solar Energy Use In Georgia

Known to many as the "Peach State," Georgia has a long history of fruit production. The state's many farms also produce cotton, dairy products, and pecans. Because Georgia's large agricultural output requires plenty of energy, making the switch to solar power is a great option for the state.
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future looks bright for solar energy in Georgia. While the state could use additional solar incentives, abundant sunlight and a solar tax credit assist with the continued growth of solar power. This article will make it easy to decide if solar energy is right for you.

Grid Connected Solar Power Systems In Georgia (2012)

  • Systems: 0.6 Megawatt
  • Non-Residential Solar Power Systems: 6.6 Megawatt
  • Utility: 1.0 Megawatt
  • Total: 8.2 Megawatt
  • Cumulative: 21.4 Megawatt

Georgia still has room to grow when it comes to solar energy production. While the state is ahead of many others in the south, it is still well behind neighboring Florida in terms of cumulative installed capacity. However, solar incentives such as the solar tax credit ensure growth for Georgia's solar energy industry.

Cost of Electricity in Georgia

  • Electricity Price: $0.10 per kwh
  • Average Electricity Bill: $123.00
  • Average Bill after Solar: $87.00

Georgia homeowners can save plenty by switching to solar power. A solar energy user in the state will cut $36 from their energy bill. An average solar power system in Georgia takes about 10 years to fully pay for itself.

Solar Radiation

The average solar radiation in Georgia is between 3 and 4 Kilowatt per day over an area of 1 square meter (10.76 square foot). This is the same total shared by fellow southern states Arkansas and Louisiana and represents sufficient sunlight. With an average of 216 sunny days, Georgia solar systems will receive plenty of sunshine.

State Solar Incentives and Rebate Programs

  • State Solar Tax Credit: 35% Maximum Incentive: $10,500
  • State Solar Rebate: None
  • Property Tax Exemption: None
  • Sales Tax Exemption: None

While Georgia lacks a solar power rebate, they have a fantastic tax credit, which allos homeowners to save up to $10,500. Additionally, the state allows solar power systems to utilize net metering. This means that any excess energy generated may be sold back to the utility for the price of consumption. In addition to these solar incentives, the Federal Tax Credit also applies.

Solar Installers in Georgia

Georgia currently houses 148 solar companies, employing 2,600 people. While the state does not have specific laws for solar installers, solar installation is considered electrical work. Therefore, your solar energy system must be installed by a licensed electrical contractor. Make sure to verify your solar installer on the state's website.

Summary: Bright Future for Solar Power Systems

Georgia has a solid future in terms of solar energy production. While the state could benefit from additional solar incentives such as tax exemptions, Georgia's ample sunlight, its strong solar tax credit, and its net metering laws are significant advantages for homeowners. Try our Solar Calculator to calculate your costs and savings, or contact solar installers in your area.

Solar Energy Fact Sheet: Georgia, ©

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Written by: Oliver Behrla, Editor