Commercial Solar

Modern Businesses Invest in Commercial Solar

A commercial solar system is usually installed on a commercial property such as a business, a school, or a factory. Over the past several years, a growing number of companies have recognized that investing in commercial solar is an investment for the future.

All types of business have invested in solar energy in recent years, including FedEx, Toyota, Motor Sales USA, Google, Whole Foods, Wal-Mart and Kettle Foods. Many high-profile commercial solar projects have generated PR and media attention, showing that renewable power is a 'hot button topic' and that businesses recognize commercial solar is an attractive investment for the future. 

Some Reasons for the Installation of Commercial Solar

More and more companies are getting solar because it makes both financial and strategic sense.

Commercial Solar Power PlantSource: U.S. Department of Energy

They want to meet customer expectations, to maintain a competitive advantage over other companies, and to make cost savings. Behind that also lies the increased awareness of climate change. Furthermore, investing in renewable energies generates positive publicity for companies.

In addition, some businesses make money with the production and sale of solar power. For example, businesses that own or operate solar farms covering many acres of land are able to provide renewable energy for many thousand households.

What Kind of Businesses Can Install in Commercial Solar?

Solar energy systems can work for companies of all sizes.

There are some advantages for large firms though. First, large firms are generally in a better position to shoulder the upfront costs of a commercial solar system. Moreover, they are often able to negotiate more favorable terms when borrowing or issuing debt. Also, a large marketing budget and relative prominence in the marketplace can make it easier for large firms to generate publicity.  

Despite these advantages, the fundamental benefits of solar energy remain true for companies of all sizes, including small- and medium-sized businesses. Furthermore, there are a wide range of incentives and rebates for all kinds of businesses to support the installation of commercial solar. 

Find Out If Your Business Is Suited for Commercial Solar

A business interested in a commercial solar system should ensure that the right design is chosen to guarantee efficiency and desired output. Let us help you to find the right solar installer.