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Solar Pool Pump

A solar pool pump reduces electricity costs and can be installed where access to the open grid is difficult. A solar pool pump is powered by the sun and runs most efficiently during summertime when it is needed the most.
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If you are interested in heating your pool year-round, solar pool heating may be a cost-effective solution. The advantages of a solar pool pump are that the installation is easy, little maintenance is required, and a local solar professional can assist you with your quick and easy project. Furthermore, there are no fuel costs and a solar pool pump can operate independently without human attention. Capital costs might be high, but the long life of a solar pool pump (at least 20 years) balances out the initial investment.

Solar Pool Pump

A Solar Pool Pump is the Heart of the Pool System

The machinery of the solar pool pump is usually mounted close to the pool in a pump room that is often underground. The pipes from the main drain, the skimmer, and the vacuum ports lead to the pumping system.

In a conventional pump system, an electric motor spins a propeller inside the pump house. The propeller drives the water from the various drains through the filter and back out into the water inlets. The filter, often a metal strainer basket, catches leaves and other large debris to avoid clogging of the solar pool pump. The solar pool pump and filter system is also connected to a well or municipal water line so that fresh water can be added to the pool.

Solar Panels for Solar Pool Pumps

It is important that the PV panel is large enough to run the solar pool pump. It is recommended to oversize the PV panel a little, so that it will run longer on a cloudy day.

You will need a DC (direct current) pump for your pool. If you have not installed one yet, ask a solar professional in your area about the right size of a solar pool pump. You should also consider buying a DC breaker for your solar pool pump. This will allow you to turn off the solar pool pump during the day, if necessary, for maintenance reasons, etc.

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Written by: Christian Märtel, Editor