Solar Panels For Your Home

Is Your House Suited For Home Solar Panels?

If you are interested in home solar panels, you should check if your roof or property is suited for such an installation. Check if there is enough sun captured in that area; if roof orientation and pitch are adequate and if you need planning permission.

First of all, you need a sunny place to put your home solar panels. Areas that are constantly overshadowed by other buildings or trees are not suited for home solar panels. If there is only little shade from time to time you can still buy solar panels for your home although they will generate less energy.

Solar Panels For Your Home Require An Adequate Roof

Before you install home solar panels on your roof, you have to consider if it is suited for them. The ideal roof faces within 90 degrees of south. A roof that is too steep might not be adequate for solar panels for your home. You should also make sure that your roof is able to carry the weight of home solar panels. If you have doubts consult a professional installer. He will recommend you the right solar panels for your home.

Planning Permissions For Home Solar Panels

Furthermore you should check if you need a planning permission. Usually you don´t need one, if you just want to install a small array of solar panels for your home. For certain buildings or bigger solar arrays check with a local planning officer.

Size of Home Solar Panels

To calculate the adequate size of solar panels for your home it is not enough to take location into account. You also have to know how much power your building consumes.

Solar Panels For Your HomeHome solar panels on a roof in germany. Author: Asmir Cemal

Solar panels for your home can generate enough electricity to power the refrigerator, lights, computers, TV´s and similar appliances. An average american house requires home solar panels that measure about 285 square feet to produce enough solar power and would cost around $16,000.

Adapt Your Energy Needs And Reduce Costs

The more energy you need, the bigger solar panels for your home have to be. But you can reduce electricity consumption in order to cut the size of your home solar panels to save costs. For example you could use a laptop computer instead of a desktop computer and monitor, use fluorescent lights and a smaller, but more efficient refrigerator. Think about your energy needs and choose the right solar panels for your home!

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