Flexible Solar Panels

Why a Flexible Solar Panel is Right for You

If you are looking for a solar panel solution that has the distinctive advantage of being portable, then flexible is the way to go. The versatile design means you take this solar panel system with you when on vacation, while camping, or anytime a more traditional solar power option is unavailable. Flexible solar panels go where you go to keep the energy flowing.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

These solar panels work the same way as any photovoltaic system. By definition, PV panels collect energy from the sun and convert it to electricity. The process of taking light energy and transforming it into electricity is the photovoltaic effect. Panels consist of thin cells made of silicon or another suitable material. Attached to each cell are conducting wires that siphon off the current.

flexible solar panelsSource: Fraunhofer ISE


How are Flexible Solar Panels Different?

Flexible solar panels are not what you commonly associate with photovoltaic solar collection systems. Most solar panels are rigid structures that sit on top of buildings or even in the yard facing the sun. The flexible solar panels work where a rigid solar panel is not appropriate.

The key feature on flexible solar panels is the roll up design. Each solar panel sits on a bendable surface giving an appearance similar to a mat that you might see sitting on the doorstep. The unique manufacturing process used to create the flexible solar panels is thin film disposition. It takes very thin layers of silicon and applies it to a substrate. The layering process allows the silicon cells to flex as the mat folds creating the flexible solar panel.

What are the Benefits?

The obvious benefit of a flexible solar panels is portability. Flexible solar panels go where you go. That is not the only consideration. When installing a photovoltaic system in your home, you might need solar panels that can work in areas that will not support a mainstream collection system. For example, if the roof or ground facing the sun is uneven, it is not appropriate for rigid panels. With a traditional PV solar panel system, you might have to settle for a less effective placement of the panels. Flexible solar panels open up your options.

Solar energy is a cost-effective approach to electricity, but it doesn’t work for every locale – enter the flexible solar panel. It gives you more ways to add solar panels to your home. Flexible solar panels also give you a way to charge batteries or run electricity to a tent while camping. For convenience and mobility, flexible solar panels can work better than more than a traditional system might.