Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself ("DIY") Solar Panels

If you’re interested in installing solar panels on your home, and you’re also into do it yourself projects, you may be thinking you’d like to try DIY solar panels. There is a wealth of information online about how to build a DIY solar panel. If you’re good with tools and following basic directions, there’s no reason you can’t build your own do it yourself solar panel or, more likely, several DIY solar panels.

Do It Yourself: How to Make Your Own Solar Panels

DIY Site Evaluation

Before you decide to build your first do it yourself solar panel in preparation to make a roof full of DIY solar panels, you need to do a site evaluation, which is also a do it yourself project. How to do this evaluation is not difficult, but it is critical to your success with using DIY or manufactured solar panels for electricity. If your site is not appropriate, you won’t want to bother to build even one do it yourself solar panel.

You can find instructions on how to conduct a site survey online. Basically you need to make a survey to determine if your location gets enough sun to use solar panels, DIY or otherwise, and if there are obstacles like trees or buildings which would prevent the sun from reaching a solar panel.

DIY Solar PanelsGather Information on How to Build DIY Solar Panels

Before you set out to make a do it yourself solar panel, you should review information for free on solar power websites (such as at under the category “how to build a DIY solar panel.” There are also many books available on how to make do it yourself solar panels.

Learn the Fundamentals of How Solar Panels Work

Even before you accept the challenge to make a do it yourself solar panel, you should learn the basics of how solar electricity works and what you will need the DIY solar panel you make to do for you. While you’re reading up on basics, also look at some information that simplifies the explanation of how a solar panel works to make energy.

You should have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of solar power and solar panel functioning before you begin learning how to build a DIY solar panel. You want to make your do it yourself solar panels work for you, and the best way how to do that is to know as much as possible about how to build them.

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