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Solar Panel Kits: Solar Solutions for Small Applications

Solar panel kits usually include all essential components that are needed for a small home solar system. Solar kits are relatively inexpensive and are well-suited to supplement electricity needs. To meet individual energy needs and mounting requirements, it is recommended to consult with a professional installer instead of buying cheap solar panel kits.
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Solar Panel KitSolar Panel Kit. Source: Solarworld AG

What Do Solar Panel Kits Include?

Most basic solar panel kits include 3 X 45 watt panels, an adequate power inverter with 300 watts or more, and mounting frames. If required, additional 15-watt solar panels can be added. Solar batteries, a charge controller, and the array wiring between modules and battery bank are not always included in solar kits and have to be purchased separately. More expensive solar panel kits generally include more solar panels and are of a better quality.

For What are Solar Panel Kits Suited for?

Solar kits are suited to supplement energy needs but do not on their own provide enough electricity to power a conventional household. The average American house requires more energy per day than a solar panel kit can provide.

Solar panel kits are best suited where a smaller amount of energy is needed. Solar panel kits are often designed for cabins, homes, back-up, and remote power use or for mobile vehicles like recreational vehicles and boats. There, panel kits provide enough electricity for small electrical applications and lights.

Solar kits are not made for large scale power systems. Solar panel kits do, however, offer a great supplemental source of power.

Design Your Individual Solar Power System

Ready made solar panel kits provide only a small amount of electric power and are not suited for all applications. Unlike with solar kits, quality solar power systems will be adapted to individual energy needs and provide the right amount of power to suit those needs. Special mounting requirements and power needs require an individual solar panel assembly. Basic solar power systems include the solar panels, charge controller, batteries, and an inverter and generate more electricity than solar panel kits.

If you want to install your own individual array of solar panels as opposed to using solar kits, we recommend consulting a professional solar installer. An installer can determine the kind of home solar system that is best suited for your home, inform you about solar rebates and tax incentives, and help to assemble individual solar panel kits.

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Written by: Christian Märtel, Editor