Solar Modules

Solar Module Assembly

Single solar cells are useful when only small amounts of energy are required. For larger quantities PV cells must be organized in a way that allows them to be installed on a roof or a field. For an efficient PV system, high quality solar module assembly is essential.

Solar module assembly and installations are the final parts of the overall manufacturing process of a photovoltaic system. The proper assembly of solar modules is an important element of the process and can influence the effectiveness of a PV system significantly.

The assembly of solar modules, also called solar panels, is primarily carried out in the cell plant. As it is easier to transport smaller cells and more difficult to transport heavy and bulky modules, solar module assembly can also be done in smaller plants closer to the end market.

For the assembly of a solar module, cells are fused together to produce a string of cells. Several strings are then laminated between glass on top and a polymeric backing sheet on the bottom.

The Frame – An Important Support Structure of Solar Modules

Solar modules are usually placed into a frame, typically made of aluminum. It is important at this point that high quality standards are upheld. A panel in a loose frame could fall out, and not being as waterproof as high quality panels, could affect the whole system. Therefore it is important to buy high quality solar modules and let the installation of a solar array be done by professional installers.  Contact a solar installer today for expert advice or assistance.

Solar Module AssemblySource: National Renewable Energy Laboratory


Glass for Protection of Solar Modules

Another important feature is the glass of a solar module. Quality glass is made at high pressure and must be able to sustain significant stresses and strains. It should be thick and rigid enough to avoid fractures and other damage when being carried or installed. An anti-reflective layer helps avoid any disturbance to the reflection of sun rays. Lastly, it is important to note that the quality of solar module glass also has an affect on the module efficiency, as the clarity of a quality glass can generate some extra Watts.

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