Solar Panel Installation

Maintenance and Installation of Solar Panels

The efficiency of an active solar energy system not only depends on the quality and durability of the components, but also on the placement, system design, and panel installation. Thus, it is important to contract with an experienced installer who is able to design and install the system properly.

The solar panel installation process for an average residential solar system usually takes less than two days. For larger commercial PV panel installations more time is required and most installers will work within required deadlines as necessary.

For a residential solar system a solar installer supplies all equipment that is necessary for the scaffolding and panel installation of a solar system. A professional panel installer will also notify your district network operator and provide you with all important warranties and certifications you might require to receive a feed-in tariff or other solar incentives.  For more details, find a solar professional in your area today.  

Once the solar panel installation is completed, the solar system has to be properly maintained to optimize its efficiency and avoid breakdowns.

Not all solar systems require the same types of maintenance, but around 8–16 hours annually should be expected. It is advised to set up a calendar with a list of maintenance tasks that the installer and component manufacturers recommend.

Solar panels have only few moving parts and typically last up to 30 years or longer. After the solar panel installation, only little ongoing maintenance is required.

Solar Panel InstallationPanel Installation in Germany. Source: BSW-Solar/Viessmann










Hot water panel installation is similar to PV panel installation. But concerning the maintenance of hot water panels it is important to prevent freezing damage, i.e. with the use of a frost-resistant heating liquid. Although most solar water heating systems are covered under a homeowner´s insurance policy, damage from freezing is generally not included. It is recommendable to contact your insurance provider to find out the policy in regard to solar panels.  

We recommend that you contact a solar installer in your area. After the solar panel installation he/she will be close enough to perform a maintenance measure.