Photovoltaic and Components of PV Systems

The photoelectric effect converts solar radiation into direct current electricity. Several solar cells are combined to solar panels. These panels, ground mounted or on rooftops, can be arranged in solar arrays to provide us with clean energy. read more

Solar Cells - Small Components of PV Systems

The smallest components of Solar Panels are Solar Cells. Most common are polycrystalline or monocrystalline silicon cells which have good efficiency rates. Also very popular are thin film solar cells. They are lighter and work better in diffuse light. read more

Types of Solar Panels

Solar cells are connected and framed as solar panels. They can be installed as photovoltaic system on the ground or on roofs. There are diverse types of solar panels according to different requirements. Placement, size and energy use are aspects which have to be considered. read more

Solar Array - Connected Solar Power Systems

In most cases solar energy systems consist of several solar panels which are arranged as a solar array. Each array has to be adjusted to particular needs and intended purposes. Arrays on residential roofs have different technical demands than ground mounted ones. read more

Solar Companies – Solar Panel Manufacturers

The brand of a solar panel is also an indicator for quality. There are differences in solar panel efficiency and durability according to differing quality standards. In the U.S., First Solar and Solarworld are widely recognized as high quality companies. read more

Find Solar Installers with SolarContact

You are interested in installing solar panels? Find Solar Contractors with the help of our business directory. We will refer your request to reputable solar installers in your area. They will contact you and provide all important information you require. read more

Solar Panel Installation

Professional maintenance and installation of solar panels is important for a good performance. Your solar installer will supply the equipment that is necessary for the scaffolding. Once the system is installed, only little ongoing maintenance is required. read more

Solar Panels - Collectors of Solar Energy

A number of solar cells electrically connected to each other and mounted in a support structure or frame is called a photovoltaic or solar panel. Solar panels can be used alone or as a component of a larger solar system. They generate and supply electricity according to their efficiency and the amount of sunlight that reaches them. Any number of solar panels can be connected based on available space, to provide as much electricity output as required.

Considerations Before Going Solar

A few aspects have to be considered before installing a solar panel system. We have to choose among diverse solar cells with different efficiency rates and prices. For the installation of solar panels it is important to select a panel kit that is adequate for the purpose intended, i.e. for roofs or vehicles.

What Kind of Solar Panel Do You Need?

For certain applications it is important to use thin and flexible solar panels. If a roof can´t carry a heavy load a thin film solar panel might be the right choice. For smaller applications where only a small amount of electricity is required or not enough space available, small solar panels can be adequate.

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