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Frequently Asked Questions

SolarContact is affiliated with DAA USA, which is a Germany-based company that has supported homeowners and home improvement professionals since 2010. DAA has successfully delivered over 400,000 leads for home construction and renewable energy projects in Europe and in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SolarContact and how do I use it? is one of the largest free consumer portals for Solar and Renewable Energy in the United States. We provide homeowners with free, convenient resources and ideas for home design, repair, maintenance, upgrades, and other areas of Solar and Renewable Energy. We also connect homeowners to quality, local Solar and Renewable Energy professionals to help them achieve their goals and needs.

What will I find on

Our website provides numerous, up-to-date articles on Solar and Renewable Energy areas, particularly Photovoltaics. You will find basic, user-friendly guides to materials, styles costs, repairs, and maintenance for roofing, panels, and other components.

On SolarContact ’s blog, which is updated regularly, you can find relevant, seasonal topics such as checklists or tips for how to prepare your home to install Solar Panels. You will also find creative ideas and inspiration for Solar Project

Why should I use SolarContact to contact contractors, installers, or manufacturers?

Completing Solar and Renewable Energy projects and finding quality professionals can feel overwhelming for the average homeowner. With SolarContact , this process is much easier. While taking the DIY route appears cheap and can be tempting, most Solar and Renewable Energy projects are best left to professionals. Professional help can save you money in the longterm on costly repairs and maintenance associated with improper installation.

We maintain an extensive network of over twenty thousand Solar and Renewable Energy professionals throughout the United States. Professionals in our database are carefully screened to ensure that they have the proper qualifications and provide only the highest quality services. With SolarContact ’s easy website, you can enter your zip code and the type of Solar and Renewable Energy you need. Then, we will instantly connect you with professionals in your area. Because we make the process so fast and easy for you, SolarContact saves you valuable time and money.

What is your screening process for your Solar and Renewable Energy professionals?

Can I search for Solar and Renewable Energy professionals with multiple areas of expertise?

Absolutely. Once you have chosen the primary area in which you need a Solar and Renewable Energy professional, and have submitted the form, you can specify the other home areas where you need help. No matter how many requests you submit or how many Solar and Renewable Energy areas you are interested in, using our database to look up contractors is free.

Will my data be passed on to third parties?

We take your privacy very seriously. We only pass on the information that you provide us if you indicate that you wish to contact Solar and Renewable Energy professionals. Once you let us know that you would like to contact a professional, your data will be treated with the utmost care and shared only with relevant professionals.

Why is SolarContact .com free? How do you make money?

For consumers, SolarContact ’s information and services are always free. SolarContact has a contract with each Solar and Renewable Energy professional. We receive small fees from these professionals so that they can work with us to find potential customers in their area.

What can I do to make sure I don’t pay too much for my projects?

Pay careful attention to the bids and contracts that your Solar and Renewable Energy professionals offer you. It is your responsibility to carefully weigh your bid options and read through the contracts for your home projects. If you feel confused at any point during the process, ask your improvement professional questions.

Do I really have to enter all the required data for inquiries to Solar and Renewable Energy professionals?

SolarContact does require a complete set of data from you. This information helps us find you the best Solar and Renewable Energy for your specific needs as quickly as possible. A valid phone number is crucial. This phone number allows Solar and Renewable Energy professionals to contact you in order to find out more details about your projects and to provide you with an accurate estimate for your projects.

Written by: Adilson Dos Santos Jr., Editor