Cost of Solar Panels

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

Solar panel prices in the United States are likely to keep dropping in the coming years. Already solar panels cost less than they did a few of years ago. Certain factors influence the price of the solar panel, the size of a solar installation and actual financial incentives. The efficiency of a module also has an effect on the cost of solar panels.

Cost of Solar Panels

Reductions in solar panel prices and important incentives such as energy tax credits help to drive the solar market and lower the cost of installing solar panels. As more capital becomes available to finance solar power purchases, this will allow more people to take advantage of the growing opportunities. Once more people get on board, prices will steadily decline and become more affordable.

Solar Panels Cost Less When Financial Incentives Are Offered

Solar Panels cost less in states where financial incentives are supporting solar installations. Many states offer grid-connected PV offer rebates, grants or solar bonds. These states have higher installation rates than states without any financial incentives. Experts say that over time, the cost of solar panels will continue to fall and incentives will become increasingly unnecessary. 

Solar Panels Cost Less When More Modules Are Installed

Cost of Solar Panels When several modules are installed, solar panels cost less. The bigger a solar array, the cheaper the individual solar panel is. The cost of solar panels is the lowest for large quantity buyers who install facilities that produce more than 10 MWp annually. Solar panels cost more when small quantities are installed. Those who install solar panels which produce less than 1 MWp annually have to pay the highest price per unit.

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